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A non-profit project that we are leading together with Tecnifutbol and DomSpain.

The project seeks to achieve social inclusion of young adults in marginal areas using football as a tool. 

The main objective is to educate and upgrade coaches’ skills to encourage football practice in a safe and inclusive environment and to provide them with the tools to engage and develop young players, so they don’t lose interest and keep practicing the sport.

We are creating educational materials to help young adults engage in community activities.  

In Sweden, many young adults at risk of social inclusion doesn’t socialize outside their neighborhood. That creates the ghetto effect.  

With this project, we want or give these young adults and future coaches the tools to work outside their hoods and inside as well.

By working outside the hood, we approach communities and enrich the diversity in other Stockholm areas. And by working inside, we offer the youngest the opportunity to have a role model from the same background.


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Football as a tool for social inclusion

The school of football on the internet

Top-tier coaching learning. We understand that pursuing a UEFA certification can be challenging, both for time investing and to even have access to it. 

That’s why we’ve designed our platform to bring world-class coaching education right to your home.

We offer courses that closely align with UEFA educational materials. While we can’t provide the official diploma, we ensure you get the knowledge and skills that matter.

But we don’t stop there. Our platform features a wide range of courses from seasoned coaches, psychologists, and analysts. Whether you’re looking to improve your coaching techniques, understand player psychology, or delve into game analytics, we’ve got you covered.

We host live sessions with Q&A with experts in different fields. You’ll also find training plans, exercise analyses, and a community discussion area to share ideas and insights.

And the best part? We keep it simple. 

Our courses are designed to be easily understandable, cutting out the jargon and complexity. After all, our goal is to help you learn and grow as a coach, not to sound like a textbook. 

Join us at and elevate your coaching game today.

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During my failed UEFA A course, I had Lluís Cortés as a teacher.

Lluis Cortés won the Champions League and coached Alexia Putelles just before she won 2 times the Golden Ball.

That was after I got to know him.

Knowing him opened some doors for me.

He will be the head coach of this summer camp. You’ll spend eight days with him and his team. You can attend all training sessions, ask questions and enjoy a few presentations that Lluís Cortés and his team will do for the coaches.

A big part of your success as a coach is networking; another one is knowledge.

We offer both.

If you are up for it, contact me:

My email:


Lluis Cortés Camp for coaches

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Access to Spanish Football

Dive into the heart of Spanish football with an exclusive 8-day trip designed for elite Swedish coaches.

This isn’t about selling a methodology; it’s about opening doors to firsthand insights from Spain’s 3rd-5th leagues and top U19 teams. 

Gain unparalleled access to training sessions, matches, and educational masterclasses led by UEFA-Pro certified experts.

Highlights include:

  • Exclusive access to three clubs during their week microcycle


  • Education from top Spanish experts in three tailored-for-you masterclasses


  • Attend training sessions from top academies


  • Watch games from the teams we will follow and top U19 games + La Liga game

You’ll return with new strategies, insights, and an expanded coaching toolkit, ready to elevate your team’s performance. This trip blends intense football learning with the rich cultural experience of Spanish football.

Spaces are limited to ensure a personalized experience. Secure your spot and take the first step towards enhancing your coaching journey.

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